Think Big


I work with the founders and boards of growth companies to help them think big – articulating their vision and develop the behaviours necessary to achieve their goals.  This may include aligning the interests of the founder, management team and other shareholder groups.

To build a bigger business and achieve high growth requires ambition, potential and competencies.  High growth companies are also about a powerful vision, strong leadership and precise execution

Part of the mentoring process often involves helping the Founder/CEO craft the shape of a board appropriate for their business and then helping them find the great people they need.

This involves helping businesses at both ends of the journey – board formation and early growth through to managing succession for eventual exit and handover from Founder to new CEO.

“We worked closely with Martyn in the capacity of Non-Executive Director and Adviser for a period of three years.  Through the effective facilitation of a number of off-site strategy sessions Martyn helped us identify and define our  vision and more importantly our strategic focus.

Martyn also supported us in the capacity of mentor and his one-to-one coaching of the senior team helped us all focus on our longer term objectives.  This enabled us to step away from the “doing” and helped empower us to become more effective directors. 

 He helped us question our focus and ensure we injected a genuine pace of change into our business.”

 Mike Bell, Managing Director, Driven Worldwide