My name is Martyn Dawes and I am a successful entrepreneur, in fact one of the most successful consumer business entrepreneurs of the last decade in the UK. I am the Founder of Coffee Nation. I created a new category that went on to sell over 100 million cups of coffee in the next decade. I sold my business in 2008 for £23 million. It’s since been sold again for even more! I could help you do the same.


About Me

Early Life I was born in Coventry in 1968.  I dropped out of sixth-form age 17 to get my career going. My passion was aviation…


High-Growth Mentor

Since exiting Coffee Nation I have come to realise how fortunate I have been to have experienced such a tremendous journey of entrepreneurship over the…


Think Big

I work with the founders and boards of growth companies to help them think big – articulating their vision and develop the behaviours necessary to…


Keynote Speaker

I am regularly invited to give Keynote speeches on the entrepreneurial journey, overcoming the challenge of start-up, building a high-growth company and leadership and board…



“Martyn’s main strengths are his boundless energy, charisma and hands on experience in every functional area of a rapidly expanding entrepreneurial business. His ability to…


My Businesses

Martyn Dawes Associates I started my first business in the 1991 recession. My first clients were all small engineering companies who needed to gain ISO9000…